Belarusian doom/death metallers WOE UNTO ME will release their new EP “Spiral-Shaped Hopewreck”, on March 12 via Solitude Productions

Here’s the statement from the band:
“We are finally ready to announce the release date of our new EP “Spiral-Shaped Hopewreck”. It will see the light of day on March 12, while preorder will be available on our Bandcamp starting from January 25 including special bundles and T-shirts.
The artwork was made as usual by Lenore Ani:

The EP will include 3 songs and 4 instrumental interludes. Two tracks will be very special covers recorded specifically for this EP and they won’t appear anywhere else, the first one is Sad and Slow – a song originally composed by the amazing progressive metal band KLONE, and the second one is Lethargica by the mighty MESHUGGAH.”

The complete track list will look like this:

“Spiral-Shaped Hopewreck” (EP)

1. And every piece of a being was washed away by the
2. Spiral-Shaped Hopewreck
3. Dissolving and then forming a new image, so
4. Sad and Slow
5. Sowing itself like seeds into the soil, becoming a chrysalis in the state of
6. Lethargica
7. Only to wake up in the reality of chaos and burn its wings of creation

 “Sad And Slow” original song by Klone
“Lethargica” original song by Meshuggah

WOE UNTO ME are planning to tour together with CLOUDS in Europe. The tour is announced for April 2021 under the name MOURNING OVER EUROPE TOUR 2021. They will be accompanied by two doom metal bands from Russia WHO DIES IN SIBERIAN SLUSH and HALTER. This raid will cover the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Czech Republic.

Here are the announced dates, cities and venues:
01.04.2021 [DEU] Erfurt – FROM HELL
02.04.2021 TBA
03.04.2021 [BEL] Mechelen – DE CLUB
04.04.2021 [CHE] Zofingen – OXIL
05.04.2021 TBA
06.04.2021 [AUT] Salzburg – ROCKHOUSE
07.04.2021 [AUT] Vienna – ESCAPE
08.04.2021 [CZE] Brno – MELODKA
09.04.2021 [CZE] Jaromer – NARODAK
10.04.2021 [DEU] Leipzig – BANDHAUS
11.04.2021 TBA

Old interview for RumZine:


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