WOLFPATH – A free mind and independence. Knowledge, primal, inner strength and balance. Listening to your own instincts and intuition, living by your own rules

WOLFPATH – is a polish black metal duo driven by primal strength and anger. Led by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Void [also associated with the post-punk band UNDERTHESKIN (pl)], strengthened by drummer Marcello [widely known from collaboration with ACHERONTAS (gr), INFERNO (cz), HAXDRAOK (gr), BESATT (pl)] Emerged from the fog of the second wave of black metal – band’s inspirations reach both the Scandinavian and the contemporary school of Polish black metal. The music on the debut EP was based on melodic riffs, trance guitar sounds, a merciless rhythm section and furious, emotional vocals. The raw and powerful sound was executed by Filip Hałucha and Heinrich House Studio known for its cooperation with BEHEMOTH, ENTROPIA, VESANIA, SZNUR etc. The debut EP entitled “Wolfpath” was released in digital form on January 7, 2023, and on CD it will be released on March 31, 2023 by ADG Records.

Interview: Void – Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

Hello Void! How are you just now? Did you have a good winter? ☺  How did the idea to do a black metal project? What did motivate you to play again metal?
Hi! Well it wasn’t bad winter at all! I’ve released WOLFPATH mini album via Black Metal Promotion on the date of Wolf Moon 7/01 and it received a really good feedback – beyond my expectations. The idea of black metal project has been with me since the late 90s – I was even a part of black metal scene then with an underground black – later black/death- metal band MESSALIAN. The band split up after releasing 4 demos (the reason for the breakup of the band were musical differences – I wanted to play true, raw black metal, but  some of the guys were drawn to technical death metal). Meanwhile we started a goth rock band  DEATHCAMP PROJECT, and I stopped playing metal for many years. BUT the music and the whole black metal cult/scene has always been a big part of my music fascinations and remains so today. I always dreamed of recording my own vision of black metal someday. Basically Covid and my personal life experience was a trigger to start writing really angry and dark music – the accumulation of emotions that could not be worked out in my other music projects – required much more extreme expression – that’s how WOLFPATH was born WOLFPATH!

How did you come up with the name and is it in some way characteristic with the music you make?
WOLFPATH was the name of the first song I wrote for the project – then the whole wolfish concept grew in me – Wolfs are totally amazing animals – and I’ve always felt a kind of wolf side in me too. So I was searching for the band name for a long time – I also had a long list of ideas and suddenly it dawned on me that the wolf path is the only right one, and it is something that perfectly defines all the emotions contained in this music.

Please, can you introduce your new music project WOLFPATH? What were the series of circumstances that brought you together? Would you mind telling us for how long you’ve known each other and how did you meet with Marcello?
Well – what can I say – Emerged from the fog of the second wave of black metal WOLFPATH – bringing raw – yet powerful sound, driven by primal strength and anger. That’s how I would describe it for the press. Our meeting with Marcello was in a sense a coincidence, although I am of the opinion that nothing happens by chance and our paths crossed exactly when they should have. WOLFPATH was originally supposed to be my solo project with a drum machine. In fact, this is how the demo material was created.  A mutual friend contacted me with Marcel – I sent him a demo material, and after a few days he sent me a video of a rehearsal with my music – I knew right away that this was it. We got in touch and it quickly turned out that we had a similar outlook on life and music – he liked the material and soon became Wolfpath’s drummer and partner in crime.

What are the feelings that inspired you during its creation? Are there certain symbols on the album you want to mention or tell something about?
What perhaps distinguishes WOLFPATH from black metal standards is an extremely personal message and content that goes beyond the framework of classic black metal topics. It’s all about struggle, pain, fall and rising from the ashes – stronger and wiser – it’s about transformation from suffering to strength and wisdom! As I said – it’s a very personal story inscribed in the aesthetics of black metal. Honest and painful at the same time. When it comes to symbolism, the figure of the Wolf is obviously the most important here. Often depicted as a symbol of danger, evil, dark and wild forces, but also as a symbol of freedom, independence and strength. In addition, in Christian culture he is identified with the devil – contrasting his animal features with the ideal of Jesus, presented in the form of a lamb. I don’t think I could imagine a better symbol for my music. There are also runes in the logo – Ansuz, which symbolizes (very simplistically) wisdom and inspiration, and Tiwaz, which represents determination, justice, courage and using of all your skills and wisdom for victory

What has been the reaction of your fans, audience and critics? Is it a big surprise for fans of your other music projects?
WOLFPATH is still an underground project that had its online premiere just 3 months ago – a CD will be released via ADG Records at the end of March. So all promotional activities are yet to come. However, there have been some reviews, and they are really enthusiastic. Just like the comments and the number of views on youtube, it makes me very positive. For fans of my other projects, it’s actually a big surprise. Shock or just silence and fear of whether I’ll be smuggling metal elements into UNDERTHESKIN music- it’s actually funny.

Musically the band has a interesting black metal face. How would you describe the musical sound that is presented?
I wanted to play black metal in the form that is closest to me – wild, quite simple in terms of expression but also powerful, raw and extreme at the same time. I wanted to get a raw but also damn strong sound. On one hand, referring totally to the classics of the genre, ,yet sounding quite modern in terms of power and dynamics. Simple but not crude. Admittedly, the ear will find many references to the classic form of black metal, titles, etc. – this is a certain form of intertextualism.

EP “Wolfpath” was realised only on bandcamp? Are you planning other digital platforms or physical formats?
“Wolfpath” is currently available on youtube and bandcamp as a digital download. As I mentioned, a CD will premiere this month (march 2023)  via ADG Records -there are also plans to release a cassette.

What are some of the bands that have had an influence on your music?  Can you describe your  relation to black metal scene?
If I had to choose a music genre that has always been with me, it’s black metal – since primary school and my first contact with the Polish underground and Norwegian black metal classics. On the other hand – I don’t feel part of any social group – it’s a very intimate and internal way for me. Something that has been with me almost forever and will stay until the end. It’s a certain rebel spirit; it is also a spiritual and life path. In terms of inspiration – I’ve always loved the classic Norwegian sound like GORGOROTH for example – I’m also a big fan of the Swedish and Polish school of black metal. I also try to stay up to date with new releases. Inspiration comes from different directions, but for me as an artist the most important are emotions, especially in vocals (I’m a big fan of Mortus and his way of creating vocals and atmosphere).

How would you describe your views on traditional black metal themes? Darkness, evil, anti-christianity etc. Are you a big fan of 90s black metal? And on which principles your idea of black metal is based upon?
Good question – obviously I’m a huge 90’s fan – it was by far the most important era in music for me. Innovativeness and extreme, honest message was visible from these albums and it is an immortal value – real emotions. Do I identify with this classic black metal topos – probably not – I do not fully identify with a strictly anti-Christian approach – I am rather against organized religion in general. All religious black metal is also – well cool – but it’s sometimes based on the same drives that make people go to church to mass – the basic human need to fill a spiritual void – some substitute for theatre for example. This whole idea of reversal and ritual – is obviously extremely alluring, but also naive at the same time. I have nothing against that, I like listening to and enjoying this kind of music but it’s not my way of understanding black metal. As I mentioned – for me strength is an individual, not a group (religious for example), a free mind and independence. Knowledge, primal, inner strength and balance. Listening to your own instincts and intuition, living by your own rules.

Polish black metal scene is very variously. How would you describe polish  scene these days, and are there any new bands you would like to recommend to us?
Polish black metal scene is a fucking reptile! It represents extraordinary quality and original sound. I’m very proud of being part of it. I guess the easiest way would be to tell you what albums I’m listening to at the moment. So for example HEGEMONE – Voyance, PIOLUN – Rzeki Goryczy, TERRSTRIAL HOSPICE – Caviary to the General, HORDA -Form, WESELE – Pustka (single), WILCZYCA – Święty Ogień (single) , PETIT NUAGE NOIR – Among the Graves and so on…

What are the biggest differences between your music projects? What´s  symbols and themes conects black metal and gothic rock?
The differences are obviously audible – in all projects I use a different palette of colors, emotions and expression. I don’t see much in common between gothic rock and black metal – especially in terms of music. Of course, there were many attempts and bands combining these aesthetics – but I’m not sure if it’s a successful marriage or rather a misalliance. But on the other hand, I see some similarities in the structure of the “subculture” itself – a desire for separateness, misanthropy and a certain elitism. A lot of people related to black metal very often listen to goth rock and vice versa. Somewhere, these scenes interpenetrate, although officially I don’t think they want to have anything to do with each other.

What comes next for WOLFPATH? What does the future look like for you, as an artist? Do you have any touring or show plans for the new album?
As I mentioned, the WOLFPATH CD should be released this month. There are more interview proposals and new reviews – I hope that it will be a rising wave. When it comes to playing live – I managed to form a full live line-up, I already have the first concert proposals. I would like to start rehearsals later this year, and concert activities in 2023! I must also add that I’ve basically already finished the songs for the next WOLFPATH album! Besides, I’m in the process of recording a new albums of UNDERTHESKIN and DEATHCAMP PROJECT. I hope that both projects will be finished this year so it’s going to be an absolutely busy year.

Bro, thank you very much for your time and I would like to wish the band the best in the future.
Thank you for the interview and support! Regards!




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