belarusWisdom Of Shadows_bandInterview: Deni Dark – Vocals

Since you are a relatively young band, could you please introduce yourselves to our readers? What were the milestones of your evolution?
Hello! WISDOM OF SHADOWS this young project from Belarus consisting of two participants – Deni Dark & Erebor. Before creating this project we have been working on other projects, and then we began to have different ideas and developments for the future, which became the material for our current project. Of course, over time, we have more experience and more opportunities.

Can you introduce your all records? Year 2015 and two big albums! Great! How different are these two records? Could you give a short description of WISDOM OF SHADOWS style on that debut album?
The first music work of WISDOM OF SHADOWS was Adzinota EP includes 2 songs, which a month later were included in our debut album IMHLA. Our next work was the second album “Sciah Vosieni, after which we released a single “Podych Navalnicy”. And last at this moment our work is a “Scream Of Loneliness” (Demo). Two our albums can be attributed to Atmospheric Black Metal style, they differ only by the fact that IMHLA has a more depressive tone in the sound and “Sciah Vosieni” more epic.

WOSWould you like to tell us a few words about the songwriting (who writes the music and the lyrics), the recording sessions, and the production of the new album and in general describe the whole process?
In the process of creating music material for our project involved both musicians, everyone is responsible for something. Erebor makes the music component, Deni Dark – lyrics, but general all works comes together.

Your music also contains a wide variety of influences from other metal genres. For example I noticed ambient elements and and other little details and influences blended successfully into your sound. How do you feel about people’s perceptions of WISDOM OF SHADOWS?
Yes, in our music there are elements of ambient music style and not only – as in our work can be seen elements of folk motives and instruments. We try to diversify our music and we do it to ensure that our listener can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of WISDOM OF SHADOWS. As to the perception of our project and opinions about it, everyone has a right to their point of view. Criticism we also accept if it is constructive and adequate.

Wisdom Of Shadows_promoHow important are roots of homeland for your music? Which are your the main sources of inspiration?
Our main sources of inspiration is our roots, our homeland. We draw inspiration primarily from the surrounding native wildlife, which in our country is very rich and beautiful. We are inspired by our forests, lakes, rivers and nature in general, all this is reflected in our music. We tried to capture different seasons and show them the beauty in our songs.

What kind of feelings do you aim to express through WISDOM OF SHADOWS?
Through music WISDOM OF SHADOWS we try to express different feelings and emotions. The main ones are pride for our homeland, for centuries-old traditions, and, as we said above, the admiration of our nature.

Wisdom Of ShadowsWhat do you think of the current state of black metal?
Belarusian black metal in the modern world is gaining popularity. A few years ago in Western Europe did not even know about such a country as Belarus. At the present time Belarusian black metal has been improved and it has spread beyond the borders of our country.

Who are some of your all-time favorite Belarus bands? Are their any new bands the readers should watch out for?
At this moment we have no favorite Belarusian groups in this direction.

Please, can you tell something about your hometown? Is it good place for life? Are you satisfied with lifestyle in Belarus?
Our native city is Gomel. This city has quite a rich story to tell can be very long. Come join us and you’ll see for yourself! 🙂 Overall we are satisfied with the life in our country, except the economic and political components.

Wisdom Of Shadows_photoAre you patriots? Which persons in the history of Belarus you may name as a most important for your country?
Yes, we are patriots no doubt! As we said, we love our country and are proud of our traditions and ancestors. There are many significant people in the history of Belarus, such as the great prince Mindoug, who was the founder of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Francysk Skaryna, Tadeusz Chastushka, Konstantin Kalinouski, Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas and many other prominent persons, and do not list.

Are any members of WISDOM OF SHADOWS involved in any other projects?
Yes, we are participants in TARTAVARA project.

What’s in the immediate future for you? What are your plans for the rest of 2015?
For the near future we have planned video clip shoot, but can we or not be able to prepare all the material for it before the end of this year is not yet known…

Thank you for your time! Do you have a message for the fans?
We want to wish our fans to listen to good, atmospheric and quality music and to be our faithful friends!;)



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