WAN are back with their fourth album!

Swedish Black Metal roughnecks WAN are back with their fourth studio full-length “Antichristian Douchebags”! This profane Black Metal assault is composed of thirteen tracks (as always on WAN albums), guaranteed to make your sacrilegious blood boil and spark a blasphemous boner!

WAN’s style is very fast and very rough Black Metal. Unpolished and ugly. Fans of early Black Metal sounds the likes of MAYHEM, HELLHAMMER, BATHORY or CELTIC FROST will defintely love this one!

Tsjud – Vocals
Isengrim – Guitars
Drægg – Drums
Skoll – Bass

LP available through  Corrupted Flesh Records store: www.corrupted-flesh.com
CD available through Fallen Temple store: www.fallentemple.com

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