UNALIGNED: New death metal album “Inner Dimensions”

Due to the popularity of their latest album, “Inner Dimensions”, technical death metal outfit UNALIGNED will be releasing the album on CD on January 27th, 2023.

UNALIGNED began in 2020 and unites vocalist Andrew Guia with guitarist/bassist Taylor Tidwell of ACCURSED CREATOR, and decimating drummer Jack Blackburn (KILLATORIUS, ex-DEMON KING, ex-INFERI, and many others), Shane Dreher joining the fold on rhythm guitar in 2022, after the release of Inner Dimensions.

The band expounds on Inner Dimensions: “Inner Dimensions is a concept album that takes the listener deep into the refuge of one´s own mind, challenging the listener to explore and overcome the very fabrics of their own destined reality, while coming to face with the inner turmoils and demons of their life. To overcome or to be overcome, one will only find within the Inner Dimensions.”

Inner Dimensions was initially released on April 22, 2022. The band wears their musical and creative influences on their sleeve and creates an effective dual approach the doesn’t skimp on heaviness, grooves, and brutality, while also taking things full-throttle in the tech death arena.

UNALIGNED takes pride in their originality and aspires to advocate individuality in both sound and theme, as well as thought, and to carve our own path and legacy amongst the metal genre and music as a whole.

Vocals: Andrew Guia (FL)
Lead Guitars and Bass: Taylor Tidwell (FL)
Rhythm Guitars: Shane Dreher (AR)
Drums: Jack Blackburn (TX)


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