UlvegrULVEGR band formed in Autumn 2009 by Helg, guitarist/vocalist (KHORS,RUNES OF DIANCEHT, YGG, KZOHH) and Odalv, the drummer (YGG, ex- NOKTURNAL MORTUM, RUNES OF DIANCEHT, TWILIGHTFALL, ELDERBLOOD, KZOHH).

The debut EP “Волчьи Тропы” (“Upon The Wolfen Paths”) was recorded in Autumn 2009 and the next EP “Где Крови Ледяной Шторм” (“Where The Icecold Blood Storms”) was recorded in October 2010. There are Astargh (ELDERBLOOD, ex- NOKTURNAL MORTUM) and Warth (ex- KHORS) helped during recording. In April 2011 CD “Где Крови Ледяной Шторм” (“Where The Icecold Blood Storms”) which includes both EPs is out on Stellar Winter Records (Russia).

During 2011 Helg and Odalv are working upon the debut album entitled “Арктогея” (“Arctogaia”). Recording process lasts in studios Audio Alchemia, OSF, VIP and Dark Essence. In June 2012 “Арктогея” (“Arctogaia”) album is out on Musical Hall Records (Ukraine). There are Astargh (ELDERBLOOD, ex- NOKTURNAL MORTUM) and Zorn (DJUR, G.A.R.M., KZOHH) helped during recording. Kaldrad wrote the lyrics for this album and Khorus of KHORS produced it.

During 2012-2013 Ulvegr working on a stuff for the new album “The Call of Glacial Emptiness”. Recording takes place in Kharkov based studio Dark Essence, mixing and mastering is done by Shaddar at Blacklight Studio, Kyiv. In July 2014 the album is out on Those Opposed Records from France as CD and Digipack CD.

After that, the band pauses in its activities, but in 2017 and 2018 gives birth to two absolutely new and completely different albums “Titahion: Kaos Manifest” and “Vargkult”.

Where The Icecold Blood Storms – 2011 CD (Stellar Winter Records), 2012 MC (Ancient Order Productions)
Arctogaia – 2012 CD (Musical Hall), 2013 MC (Hammerbolt Productions), 2014 LP (Those Opposed Records)
The Call of Glacial Emptiness – 2014 CD/LP (Those Opposed Records)
Titahion: Kaos Manifest – 2017 CD (Ashen Dominion)
Vargkult – 2018 CD (Ashen Dominion)



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