UK black metallers TABLEAU MORT released new CD!

UK black metallers TABLEAU MORT released their sophomore album “VISIO IN SOMNIIS” on 6th May via CULT OF PARTHENOPE. The material is available in physical format as well as on all major streaming platforms.

TABLEAU MORT about the new album: “Our first album, Veil of Stigma, used the broad and characteristically spooky aesthetics of Orthodox Christianity to explore a number of topics. We’ve done our best to keep on brand during our second outing, whilst also using this as an opportunity to look at things a bit differently”.

Vocalist James Johnson comments: “On the whole, the album is perhaps a lot more positive than the first in its overall messages. This certainly reflects a change in my own mindset in the face of some very challenging times for us all. Tracks like Idolatry and Their Throats are Open Graves remind us the importance that whilst Black Metal, or alternative cultures in general, can be critical of dogmatic religious, societal or cultural norms, it is important not to fall into that same trap of shutting ourselves away from reality. Metamorphosis and The Fire, The Star suggests that self-reflection and tempering our own desires for change can be important lest we burn ourselves out. There is a lot of personal experience that goes into the lyrics, as was the case for the first record. I’ve struggled with my mental health throughout my life, with feeling alien and with generally being angry about the way things are. We all do. In the last few years, things have been especially tough. For me, it was important to use this time to do some self-reflection, and I think it is evident in this record. Rather than go on a full-on misery mission I think that there is some hope throughout the album, especially in tracks like Hopes Ablaze and Candle in the Darkness. Not lost in it though is the opportunity to work with the rest of the guys in the band to create some music that we’re all really proud of. Visio in Somniis takes what we all love about extreme music and we are all excited to share the album with our fans and new listeners alike. “


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