TREWERUM – new “player” at death/doom metal scene!

Musically, the collective TREWERUM is a fusion of ideas of two people – Sergey Chirkov and Defes Akron. The material is doom/death metal combined with neoclassical metal.

The album was created on the basis of draft recordings made for 5-6 years. When the tracks were about to take their finished form, a drummer Vadim Sitnikov and a female vocalist Terra Teratos joined the collective. They made a great contribution on arrangements of their parts, added colors and dynamics to the album, gave a finished look to the compositions. The album was recorded from the end of 2019 to the summer of 2021.

Lyrically, the album is a journey into the mind of a human, who proceeding through various stages of destruction of a personality. From the prayer to a strange forces, in which the faces of Destiny reveal themselves, through the desperate pursuit of oneself into the narrow room, that mostly resembles
a coffin… or into the coffin which was finally furnished for existence?

The album lyrics is based on artificial insight mythology of Defes Akron, who deduces the concept of the so-called “demon blood” – the fatal distortion in human mind which leads to suffering and tragedies.

In the end, the things we deny and can never accept, must become accepted. This was the best told in a legend of Millenia in a Darkness…

“There is a legend according to which in order to obtain the true Power one needs to find his soul and call it by its name. Once found this legend, one wizard went on a search. For many years he searched, fought beasts and wandered the world. Once he found the cave deep under the ground, inside which there was lying his soul in a sarcophagus made of stone. This sarcophagus was filled up with impenetrable darkness. The wizard searched everything but found nothing. The sarcophagus was empty. In despair, he returned back and then died in obscurity. Little did he know the darkness was his soul filling up the sarcophagus.”


Sergey Chirkov – guitars, bass, synthesizer Elektronika EM-25, keys
Terra Teratos – vocals, vocal arrangements
Vadim Sitnikov – drums, drum arrangement
Roman Graver – acoustic guitar (track 7)

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