The second album ‘Matkalla Kohti Hautaa’ by HAUTAJAISYÖ!

The singer Janne Partanen comments:
“Matkalla Kohti Hautaa” is served with high volume, in a dimmed room and with some wine. Fall in to deep sorrow and remember all the times you have failed in life.”

Finnish messenger of melancholy and death HAUTAJAISYÖ (Funeral Night) was formed in 2014. They play melodic death metal and melancholy thrash metal. Their music is full of great riffs, heavy drumming and a whole lot of darkness. Vocals are in Finnish and sung with a low growl. Lyrics tell sad stories about life, death, love, failure and mental problems. HAUTAJAISYÖ is not a “basic” metal band, but rather challenges what you can do in metal. Their music videos are sad tales of human nature, euthanasia and domestic violence. Usually the horrors of everyday life are more terrifying than anything a human can invent.

Janne Partanen – Vocals
Sami Lustig – Guitars
Ville Moisanen – Guitars
Simo Pesonen – Bass
Teemu Roth – Drums
Tomas Ahlroos – Clean vocals on €Unohdetut

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