The New SHAARK Album on the horizon

SHAARK currently stands as one of the oldest active thrash metal bands on Czech scene. The central duo draws on their experience of performing with the American death metal legend MASTER, a fact that uncompromisingly reflects on their upcoming album, “Hybrid War,” set to be released soon.

SHAARK has just released a new music video, serving as a precursor to the anticipated album, “Hybrid War.” The previously released singles, “The Right to Kill” and “Emperor of Evil,” suggest that the new album will soon join the ranks of classic SHAARK albums. The latest single, released ahead of the album, only strengthens this belief. The current single, “Love Your Tyrant,” is a soundtrack for wild mosh pits, as guitarist Alda expresses: “The song is led at a medium pace, so you can headbang to it with that right stomping riff. If there were a radio stations playing thrash or harder subgenres of metal, this track would be on it. I think it will also work well live.”

While we may headbang to the track “Love Your Tyrant,” listening to it at home leads to deep contemplation. Its lyrics, explained by vocalist Peroon, shed light on the song: “The song is about people who emotionally suffer and long for love, recognition, and respect. An experienced manipulator can deftly manipulate and abuse such a personality for a very long time, without the victim realizing it, whether the manipulator is a family member, a superior, or a politician; it always ends in disappointment.” The entire album is set to be released on February 16th, and pre-orders are already available on Sparkshop. You can catch the live performance of the new tracks at the following concerts:

20. 1. Svatobořice Zimní Metla Fest
20. 1. Vyškov Klub Peklo
10. 2. Svitavy 50 Shades of Noise
17. 2. Bzenec Křest „Hybrid War“ (SHAARK, MASTER, DISFIGURED CORPSE,

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