The new MORBID FLESH “Embedded In The Ossuary” EP is now available!

morbid fleshYes!! Yes!! Yes!! The new EP is ready and I’m holding a copy in my hands while writing this Newsletter! I can’t tell you how happy I am about this release. This material is outstanding and the CD is sounding great! The first reviews and press comments about the material have been nothing but excellent! I really hope to help this band to move forward. They fucking deserve it!

The whole EP can be heard on our bandcamp page-

 In the next few days all of you will get the downloable press kit containing the music, bio, info & pictures of the band. It would be really awesome if you could comment or write a full review of the material and publish it on your site. The band is also hungry for interviews, so feel free to contact me anytime in order to arrange this for you. Remember, the CD is limited to only 500 units. And it can be purchased directly on our shop visiting this page.

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