SYSTEMIK VIØLENCE set release date for multi-label second album, reveal first video

On June 30th, SYSTEMIK VIØLENCE will release their highly anticipated second album, “Negative Mangel Attitude”. RSR Records will release the vinyl LP version, Doomed Records and Ragingplanet will release the CD version, and Regulator Records and Ring Leader will release the cassette tape version.

Deported from the depths of Japanese hell with a stopover in Scandinavia, SYSTEMIK VIØLENCE arrived in Portugal in 2016 with their demo in hand, Fuck as Punk. After demolishing some festival stages and leaving half the scene pissed off with their incendiary gigs, they attacked back in 2017 with two splits, with Rajoitus from Sweden and Dokuga from Oporto, as well as a full-length presentation, Satanarkist Attack. The Dis-GISM-Cimex worship continued in 2018 with the EP Anarquia-Violência, the fastest, most aggressive release by the band yet.

Now, after three years of silence, SYSTEMIK VIØLENCE are back with a new lineup and a new album titled “Negative Mangel Attitude”. Encompassing ten tracks in a swift ‘n’ explosive 23 minutes, “Negative Mangel Attitude” unloads raw hardcore punk-metal pollution, spitting in the face of modern “punk” and uninspired metal. And yet, for however raw that attack is – in the sense of real, RAW emotion and urgency (no fake punch-in shit allowed here!) – Systemik Viølence’s second album is actually quite well-recorded for the form, allowing all that crushing grit & grime to decisively bury the listener. It’s a payoff that works in spades, much as later Anti-Cimex proved with such classics as Absolut Country of Sweden and especially Scandinavian Jawbreaker. In fact, those legends serve as a handy reference for the rarified ground Systemik Viølence are plowing here, as do DISGUST, WARCOLLAPSE, AVSKUM, UNCURBED, and the almighty DRILLER KILLER. “Into Dis-belief” you go – no posers allowed!

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