SOIJL (Sweden) about new album “As The Sun Sets On Life”

As The Sun Sets On LifeThe second album by SOIJL, a project founded by the Swedish multi-instrumentalist Matthias Svensson (SATURNUS, ISTAPP, VANMAKT, NIDRIKE). Continuing the development of figurative ideas and the musical component of the debut work, “As The Sun Sets On Life”, at the same time, is a new stage for the band. Gloomy, atmospheric doom death metal compositions with a dense sound and excellent performance are what Soijl is loved for, and this is exactly what the musicians offer in their new work, in a more spectacular form this time. The famous designer and photographer Roman Kamin (WINE FROM TEARS, MARE INFINITUM, AUT MORI) have been again responsible for the visual part of the album crafting a magnificent 12-page booklet.

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