Shane Embury’s BORN TO MURDER THE WORLD stream debut album ahead of official release

BORN TO MURDER THE WORLD are streaming their debut album in full via Metal Hammer ahead of the official release tomorrow. The Infinite Mirror Of Millennial Narcissism will be released via Extrinsic Recordings – the brand new label set up by Britain’s original grindfather, Shane Embury.

Alongside the album stream is an interview with Embury who talks about the origins of BORN TO MURDER THE WORLD .With the weight of two stalwarts of extreme metal behind it, this band was always going to be heavy. With the blueprint for the band hashed out on drunken night’s out in their Birmingham home town, Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH, VENOMOUS CONCEPT, BRUJERIA, LOCK UP etc.) and Mick Kenney (ANAAL NATHRAKH, MISTRESS) swore to join forces.

Having known each other for the best part of twenty years, and being avid fans of each others’ creative output, distance was no barrier for the pair once Kenney relocated to California. As the album began to take shape, they recruited Duncan Wilkins AKA Drunk (Fukpig, Mistress) to give a voice to tracks such as The Virus Is Within Us All, and Brutality Alchemist.

Describing their unholy union as a “brutal amalgamation of Napalm Death and Anaal Nathrakh”, BORN TO MURDER THE WORLD is very much the sum of its parts, and then some. With songwriting jointly handled by Embury and Kenney, recording, mixing and mastering was also taken care of by the latter at his own studio, The Barracks.

As he enters his 34th year of making music, Extrinsic Recordings is a new outlet for all of Embury’s forthcoming projects and collaborations.

Drunk – vocals
Mick Kenney – Guitars/ Bass/ Programming
Shane Embury – Guitars/ Bass

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