SEVENTH: Post-metal from Italy!

SEVENTH is a post-metal band from Venice, Italy, drawing influences from the likes of CULT OF LUNA, THE OCEAN, KYUSS and NEUROSIS.

In 2015, they recorded their first full-length and concept album “The Herald” which will be released in early 2016. The Album has been recorded and produced by SEVENTH, Cesco (drummer from ZEIT, italian hardcore band) and Pablo at Putrefashion Studios and it has been mastered by “Peo” Spigato at Hate Studio, Rosа (VI). “The Herald” has been written, produced and recorded by former members Max and Tum, who worked together with producer Pablo Davilla in order to create a concept album which focuses on the utmost importance of being a conscious man in a world of cultural and religion absurdities.

The album represents the allegorical journey of an ordinary man, who struggles to get rid of restrictions of any kind. His journey begins where his enlightenment as a free human being begins.

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