SARVEKAS are a black metal duo from Southern Finland, formed in late 2018. Their style is mostly melodic and epic, yet crushing and furious. The atmospheres in their music range from harsh, dark and desolate, cold and yet hauntingly beautiful feelings to raging moments of pure fury. SARVEKAS combine all this to a momentum of sinister and epic black metal, woven with heathenry, Scandinavian mythology, and devotion to the dark.

SARVEKAS signed a worldwide record deal in 2020 with SOULSELLER REORDS, and the band’s first release, the Of Atavistic Fury & Visions EP, was released in December 2020. The reception and the reviews were good, and the band immediately started to compose new songs for their full-length debut. Now, in May, SARVEKAS will release that first full-length, Woven Dark Paths, via SOULSELLER. The 8-song/48-minute album is about delving into dark ancient rites, bloodletting for the forefathers, and true Nordic spirit as well as philosophy through ancient Nordic beliefs. With preternatural ease, SARVEKAS transport the listener to ancient times: both the glorious 1990s, with their incredibly era-authentic style, and more so the times long, long before that, visual and violent in equal measure. References to be made include the cult likes of Isvind, Norway’s Perished, MITHOTYN, and equally early KAMPFAR and THYRFING – but already, upon evidence of Woven Dark Paths, SARVEKAS are well on their way to etching their own legendry. Currently, they are focusing on making live performance possible while at the same time composing new music.

On May 26th 2023 internationally, SOULSELLER RECORDS is proud to present SARVEKAS’ highly anticipated debut album, “Woven Dark Paths”.

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