Snímek z 2017-04-03 15-34-22SAMSKARAS was founded by Montreal-based musician Eric Burnet (DERELICT, UNBURNST) who is joined by drummer Alexandre Dupras, known for his work with Teramobil and Unhuman. Their music is built on the melodically dense and technically aggressive style made popular by fellow Québécois artists such as GORGUTS, NEURAXIS, QUO VADIS, and CRYPTOPSY. Inspiration is drawn from other far-fung corners of the extreme music spectrum as well, with bands such as WOOD OF YPRES, THE FACELESS, NILE, and ENSLAVED casting shadows on the compositions. “With SAMSKARAS I just allow my emotions to drive the songs,” explains Burnet. “There are no rules or limits; the music goes where it has to.”Samskaras was launched in 2014 with the release of the singles Red Hill and Consecrate. Now in 2017, the band has put out Asunder, a four-song EP produced at The Grid with Christian Donaldson (CRYPTOPSY). “We challenged ourselves a lot on these songs,” explains Burnet. “We took chances and tried some things we had never done before.” Lyrically, Asunder explores the positive and negative paths that humans can take. “Humans have the potential to take things in such vastly dierent directions,” says Burnet. “These songs pit self-destruction against salvation, both on a personal level and on the scale of civilization.”

Eric Burnet – Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Alexandre Dupras – Drums

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