ROTTEN HALO Released “Devoured Hope” Debut Album; ”Call of the Entity” Video Available

The Austrian metal band ROTTEN HALO has released his debut full-length Devoured Hope on October 29th in jewel case, streaming, and digital download formats. Drink the band’s lethal dose of thrash, metalcore, and death metal with the video of “Call of the Entity” – available on the band’s YouTube channel! 

Devoured Hope is the first album of the Vienna-based band. With this project the four musicians combine their different influences to create an unforgettable and exclusive experience for their fans. Each song of the album has a different vibe, thus every metalhead will find his or her favourite style of metal in this album. 

From slow, doom impending songs like “Global Meltdown”, to fast and thrashy riffs like in “Lords of War”, no matter what your current mood is, Devoured Hope will help you to express it with a song. Every song tells a unique story about some kind of creatures from another world or bloodthirsty killers, searching for their next victim. Although the stories are made up, many of them portray a very critical view on society and certain global issues, like global warming. Also the story has a connection in itself, but it’s on you to find out what tracks belong together. 

Raphael Fettik – Vocals, Bass
Timothy Thomas – Lead Guitar
Alex Bacher – Rhythm Guitar
Christoph Auckenthaler – Drums

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