REFORE: Thrash metal storm from Czech Republic

Czech thrash hammer REFORE hits the nail on the head with the third single from the upcoming record as crazy. The release of “Illusion of Existence” is about to drop, so they’re stepping up their attack.

The latest single – the eponymous “Illusion of Existence” sums up the Kafkaesque theme of the record dealing with our insecurities, deception of the senses and doubts about reality. The specific story of the song is explained by the author of the lyrics and the singer Fera: “The song is about a person who lives a terrible story. He runs through the forest, running away from something intangible chasing him. He’s scared, but he doesn’t know what exactly he’s running from. He has a crazy fear, but he is not sure if it is all reality or if he is just in a dream and nothing real threatens him. Suddenly, he appears in a room with no doors or windows, which begins to descend on him. He wakes up to find that it was all just a dream, but the reality of his real life is much more terrifying.”

The theme of illusion and reality is the leitmotif of the entire album. We all sometimes arm ourselves with an ivory tower in the face of unpleasant reality and create our own world into which we project our unfulfilled dreams. REFORE play with this theme and the agnostic idea of the unknowability of reality through distorting senses throughout the entire record “Illusion of Existence“. The main message, according to Fera, is: “…that we all have our own world of illusions, but no matter how bad they are, you have to be careful because the reality can be much worse.” The record will be released on February
16th on fan favorite vinyl, even more popular cassette, CD and of course on all digital platforms.

The single “Illusion of Existence” is the last one before the release of the record, the day after the release, i.e. on February 17, the winter version of the festival is going to be held in Valašské Klobuky, this time under the banner of Thrash nebo Běž. In addition to REFORE will perform EXORCIZPHOBIA,

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