REFORE: Czech thrash metal hurricane!

Czech thrash metal hurricane REFORE is following the metal retro trend and releasing their debut album “Built To Nothing” on LP format for the very first time. The eleven-song album is out May 12, 2023, under Smile Music Records. Expect pure aggressive thrash with drive from their debut. Even with their evident love for SLAYER, REFORE does not lose their sense of catchiness and melody. Although REFORE are firmly anchored in thrash metal foundations and fill their sharp munition with killer, precisely targeted riffs, they write good and comprehensible songs, which occasionally incorporate acoustic guitar or freer passages with a heavy touch. However, each song is filled to the brim with wildness, which the tight rhythm section holds in check and reliably leads.

REFORE are currently actively touring and working on their second album. If you are interested in an interview, please do not hesitate to contact us.

František “Fera” Tkadlec (vocals, guitar)
Dominik Suchma (drums)
Karel Chromáček (bass)
Matej “Fíša” Fišer (guitar)

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