REDEMPTOR (Death Metal / Technical Death Metal) are back!

REDEMPTOR from Krakow, Poland is back with new full length after 4 years. The successor of the well-received “Arthaneum” album brings forth 9 songs of technical, heavy and atmospheric death metal heavily influenced by GORGUTS, MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION, DEATH. Recorded at Zed Studios by Tomasz Zalewski (DECAPITATED, KAT, DEIVOS). Artwork by the band’s singer Xaay known from his work for BEHEMOTH, NECROPHAGIST, NILE, ABYSMAL TORTMENT. REDEMPTOR line-up includes ex and current members from bands like SCEPTIC, SOTHOTH, DECAPITATED, BANISHER, DEIVOS, WINGLESS and the likes.

Michał Xaay Loranc – Vocals
Daniel Kesler – Vocals/Guitar
Hubert Więcek – Guitar
Kamil Stadnicki – Bass
Paweł Pavulon Jaroszewicz – Drums (live shows)

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