PERIHELION new album “Örvény” will be out on November, 10!

OrvényPERIHELION is a Hungarian band blending post metal elements with psychedelic soundscapes and soaring clean vocals. Originally, the band was called Neokhrome but they changed their name shortly after Neokhrome’s third album called “Perihelion”. This album already showed similarities with the band’s current style, but it was still rooted in atmospheric black metal. In 2014, PERIHELION released the EP “Nap fele néz” (Hungarian for “Faces the sun”) which marked another major change in the band’s approach: they left behind English lyrics to sing in their native language, giving the music a special, more heartfelt and unique vibe.

Ever since, PERIHELION released two more albums (Zeng, 2015 and Örvény, 2017) and another EP (Hold, 2016). These releases show a definite course of evolution and a creative musical journey without sticking to definite subgenres. PERIHELION has a long-term collaboration and friendship with the internationally renowned Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu who painted the cover of their latest three releases. The band places a special emphasis on live performances, playing sets resembling a journey through peaks and valleys. In the recent years, Perihelion performed live in Switzerland, France, Romania and also played with bands such as Zeal & Ardor and VOIVOD.

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