PaganlandPAGANLAND was founded in 1997 by Ruen and Bilozor in Lviv – one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities, whose developed traditions incorporated the European cultural spirit of the last millennium, and every stone breathes with centuries-old history of decline and revival, wars and temporary rest. The natural mysticism hidden in the Carpathians’ greatness, the dense woods and pure mountain sources couldn’t help but influence musicians with a Pagan outlook, therefore their debut demo “Gods of Golden Circle” (1999) and the demo “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” (2008) demonstrated how closely related Paganland are to Pagan metal. The line-up’s changes, routine of rehearsals, hardships of concert activity caused the group’s breakup in 2005, but three years later the group revived and in 2011 recorded the first full-length album “Wind Of Freedom”, having resumed their concert activity. This album was released in 2013 by Svarga Music. One year later band have recorded the successor album, “Fatherland” which will be released by the same label in the April 2015. New album is dedicated to all the Patriots of Ukraine fighting against Russian aggression.

PAGANLAND is a group of people holding the same views, who respect and love their native land, their nation, their language and who are convinced that the Ukraine is the cradle of all Slavonic people with improbably interesting history forgotten and distorted for the last ten centuries. The group members try
to express their love of the native land, the nature in their lyrics and music, as well as draw attention of their listeners to the fact that not only money and lies rule the world in the period of the Epoch of Pisces.

Title: Fatherland (2015)
FatherlandPAGANLAND’s second album “Fatherland”, the follower of debut “Wind of Freedom” released back in 2013, is dedicated to all Patriots of Ukraine fighting against Russian aggression. Being one of the oldest Ukrainian Pagan Metal bands, PAGANLAND carries over the love for their Land and authentic atmosphere of Carpathians into their sincerely crafted music.“Fatherland” would be interesting for fans of old BORKNAGAR and FALKENBACH but with a Slavonic touch.

Record line-up:
Volodymyr – vocals
Sergfill – guitars
Ruen – keyboards
Tur – drums

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