OROB (Progressive black metal band from France): New album “Aube Noir”

French progressive extreme metal act Orob is back with “Aube Noir”, its first LP. Founded in 2010, Orob quickly built itself a solid sound of its own. It comes through a heavy and misty blackened prog metal switching from majestic atmospheres to abrasive riffing and hypnotic clean guitars. Borrowing the powerful rock’n roll structures of Enslaved, mixing them with the avant-garde madness of bands such as Code or S.U.P. and a dose of nearly gothic, doomish coldness, they carved their path through two EPs and shows with influential acts such as Solstafir, Carnival in Coal, Dagoba and many others.

The story of Aube Noir starts where “Into the Room of Perpetual Echoes” ends. It takes the form of a one hour long concept album, nine epic titles pushing further the progressive limits of the combo. A great fresco of hope and despair about nature, progress and the stories we build to make sense of our existence.



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