OEF 2023 warm up shows l Daddies Go Grindcore!!!

At the end of April 2023, a short but intense tour of three bands, who have a long-lasting friendship, an age when they could put on slippers and an undying love for the extreme music called GRINDCORE, will take place in the Czech Republic!!! Four shows, four cities, ten grindcore daddys with grey hair or balding heads and all this under the banner of the most extreme festival on the planet OBSCENE EXTREME, of which these four shows will be a small warm-up round!!!

One of the driving forces of Czech grindcore, the legendary INGROWING have announced their return to grindcore stages in 2023 with the original three-piece line-up of Vlakin, Pouzar, Zbyňa!!! Grindcore of the heaviest caliber at supersonic speed that will crush your bones to dust!!!

Grindcore with a fair dose of fast hardcore from OKR district, the place where hardcore music has always had its big breeding ground!!! A band that was one of the first grindcore packs in our country and returning with one of their first line-ups Vladis, Hadgi, Tomba and Ferenc!!!

The youngest band in service, but made up of veterans of the grindcore scene Bilos, Hary and Jurgen, with their work bowing to grindcore and goregrind of the late 80’s and early 90’s!!! Scalpels and the dead stench of putrefaction live!!!

Thursday 27. 04. 2023 CZE – Prague – 007
Friday 28. 04. 2023 CZE – Brno – Melodka
Saturday 29. 04. 2023 CZE – Pardubice – ABC – Obscene Society fest
Sunday 30. 04. 2023 CZE- Ostrava – Barrák


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