‘Ode to Gore’ – New album of AMPUTORY from Finland!

AmputoryDeath metal from Finland is well known for its high quality, penchant for innovation (since the early ’90s) and often emotive depth. AMPUTORY are a different beast, having grown in that region but deliver with the brutality comparable to the American bands one can say. But the genes can’t be altered. AMPUTORY possess the same qualities even if the execution is contemporary and brutal. This is old school death metal and current age death metal at the same time. It doesn’t sound dated. It sounds fresh. It sounds right. It has the essence of the ’90s death metal lords with the courage and might of the newer ones, rampaging through the European continent.

It’s DEPRAVITY, DEMIGOD, CONVULSE, AMORPHIS (old), FUNEBRE, SINISTER, MEGASCAVENGER, DEEDS OF FLESH, all rolled into one. The structures are impeccable, the sound is fetid but ripe, and the intent is undiluted and the vision, crystal clear. The band know what they’re trying to achieve and they couldn’t do it better. GAPED come to mind, having achieved a combination of this sort, merging death metal from the best eras, at their heyday, and providing the same with undiminished aural pleasure, if not adding to it more power and might. This release is remarkable not only for the well-rounded death metal it offers, but also for not wallowing in the old school history of its country and taking the sound forward with added brutality and appropriation.

Jarno Kokkonen – Vocals
Saku Manninen – Guitar
Antti Saikanmaki – Guitar
Pekka Sauvolainen – Bass
Jaako Kolhi – Drums


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