Norwegian black metal duo ILD, originating from Telemark’s deep forests, is set to release their earnest and introspective second album “Kvern”

Emerging from the deep forests of Telemark, Norway, ILD, a duo consisting of H on strings and vocals, and X on drums and keys, presents their second full-length album “Kvern.” Set to release on 3rd November 2023 via Vendetta Records, “Kvern” is a humble yet earnest exploration of life’s slow, grinding mill and the inevitability of death, told through six carefully crafted hymns.

Founded in 2020 by H, ILD quickly established its presence in the Norwegian black metal scene with the debut EP “Knippe” and the full-length album “Fandens lykteskjær” in 2021. The addition of X in 2022 marked a new chapter for the band, with both members sharing a vision of creating music that resonates with the haunting echoes of Telemark’s deep forests and the timeless allure of underground black metal.

“Kvern” signifies a continuation of this journey, embracing slower and more haunting territories, while maintaining a connection to the band’s roots. Recorded at Klyve Lydstudio in Skien, Telemark, and produced by ILD alongside Per Sælør, the album has been given the care and attention it deserves, ensuring that each note and incantation is captured with clarity and intent.

Mastered by Likskue Productions, “Kvern” offers a listening experience that is both raw and refined, reflecting the band’s commitment to their craft and their respect for the genre’s traditions. The album’s themes of sin, decay, and redemption are presented without exaggeration, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the music and draw their own interpretations.

In keeping with their humble approach, ILD does not claim to reinvent the genre, but rather to contribute to its rich tapestry, paying homage to the black metal that has inspired them and sharing their unique perspective with those who venture into their sonic landscape. Fans of the genre, both old and new, are invited to gather around the hearth and experience the welcome final exhale of “Kvern.”


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