Nihilistinen BarbaarisuusForged out of the icy wilderness of the north, this beast of Helsinki/Philadelphia composes odes of cold subsonics and frigid atmospheres. Inspired by founder Mika Mage’s Finnish heritage, the band showcases Ambient Black Metal visuals and atmospheres. Cold, grim, and strangely uplifting, NIHILISTINEN BARBAARISUUS are masters of melancholy. NIHILISTINEN BARBAARISUUS is an ambient black metal act from Philadelphia, PA.

It was co-founded by American/Finnish dual-citizen Mika Mage and Manuel Rodriguez in 2012, and has since put out a self-titled promo, a LP ‘Synkkä Tuuli’ (Finnish for “Grim Wind”) on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, an EP ‘Väinämöinen’ and LP ‘The Child Must Die’ on Infernal Kommando Records, and a single ‘Immaculate Deconception’ on Depressive Illusions Records. Mika Mage remains the sole founding member and the lone creative force, with the next EP ‘Madness Incarnate’.

Mika Mage (Lawrence’s Creation) – guitar, synth, composer
Guest line-up:
Gary Hadden (Lesch-Nyhan) – vocals

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