New split:t FEAST / TRAGIC DEATH – Purgatory Rites

PromoImagePurgatory Rites, the new split release from FIENDS AT FEAST and TRAGIC DEATH is out now on HPGD Productions and is streaming in full at this location:

When Worlds Collide: FIENDS AT FEAST and TRAGIC DEATH join metal forces for this devastating split album! Both bands bring to the chopping block their own unique take on the fusion of Black and Death Metal, with each of their styles complementing each other, creating an aural experience of occult blasphemy and frigid darkness. FIENDS AT FEAST return to Horror Pain Gore Death with a sound of vicious hellfire and unrelenting aggression, featuring vocals that conjure up apocalyptic prophecies and sacrilegious zeal. TRAGIC DEATH from Madison, WI and harness the desolate cold of the frozen north to create songs that are hauntingly melodic, bringing to mind perilous journeys with awe-inspiring landscapes of nature and thought.

FIENDS AT FEAST strive to create music that builds upon a foundation of Old School Death and Black Metal influences, while also infusing contemporary ideas and originality. Imaginative, dark, evil, passionate musicianship with distinctive satanic lyrics and imagery. For fans of DISSECTION, EMPEROR, GORGOROTH, IMMOLATION, IMMORTAL, MARDUK, MORBID ANGEL and WATAIN. TRAGIC DEATH are a power trio that play ‘Apocalyptic Metal’ style; an amalgam of Black Metal, Thrash, and Death Metal. The result is a furious, unrelenting sound that not only crushes with its brutality, but also hypnotizes with a transcendental atmosphere. The vocals are introspective without compromising any aggression or venomous dictation that is characteristic of Black Metal. For fans of ROTTING CHRIST, DISSECTION, IMMORTAL, ENSLAVED and DEATHSPELL OMEGA.

Track List:
Fiends At Feast
1. Four Winds Of Destruction
2. Through Immortal Gates
3. Spectral Passageway
4. Into The Darkness
Tragic Death
5. Suffer The Salvation
6. Withering Youth
7. The Dissolution Of The Clay Children

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