New album of SOULBURNER!

SoulburnerFlames Of An Endless Disease is the name of the second full length badge from the Chilean technical/melodic death metal act SOULBURNER, presented this year by ROTTEN CEMETERY RECORDS. With FLAMES OF AN NEDLESS DISEASE, they manage to accomplish and finish their second, delayed and long awaited CD, effort divided in two parts, which contains the not despicable amount of 15 tracks and 58 minutes of music with a perfect quality sound that surprises any metal fan.

Even though many of you will brand the band after listening the first cuts with an air and sound of the NWOSDM (AT THA GATES, DARK TRANQUILLITY, IN FLAMES), we cannot pass without listening and appreciate what is presented here, aggressive and technical riffs, with melodic touches which keeps you aware of every new upcoming cut.. Not to miss, Available now.

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