New album of QUERCUS (Doom metal band from Czech republic)!

QuercusAvant-garde doom metal band from Czech Republic, QUERCUS are back with their new full length. There’s always been something off-kilter about this band, and it may not be instantly recognizable despite the use of church organ to make the difference. The mood is extremely compelling and it all works in a cohesive manner. It’s slow, plodding, strangely entrancing and at the same time somewhat unpredictable. It’s like the routine of life, or so it would seem, but with the intervention of people, it’s prone to life-altering epiphanies. One only has to detect the subtle nuances, which this album is full of.

It will transport you, cajole you, to a spiritual realm where you start to feel strange sensations and begin to perceive life differently. Released on Solitude Productions in partnership with Moscow Funeral League, this has been long awaited. QUERCUS present us with something utterly mesmerizing, something soothing yet with an otherworldly, morbid quality to it. It’s for each one of us to decipher it, to interpret it in our own way, to read between the notes.

Album Line-up:
Lukáš Kudrna – Keyboards
Ondřej Klášterka – Unknown
Markko – Vocals

Track list:
1. A Canticle For The Pipe Organ
2. Illegible Tree Name
3. Bread And Locomotive
4. Silvery Morning
5. My Heart’s In The Highlands

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