NARGATHROND are preparing to unleash the new album on January 2023!

The idea behind this album was to tell a horror story with music. The album describes the story of a couple in which the man goes berserk, takes his girlfriend into the forest, rapes her and kills her. Now her spirit haunts these woods, taking vengeance on any men who come near her death’s spot. If this would be a movie, there have to be massive gore elements!

Otherwise, in musically sight, I don´t wanna stuck in just one Genre. I like to mix different sounds together. In this case you can here Synthwave, Horror Scores, Glam Metal, Gothic and Core influences. All in one I call my style Horror Metalwave.

There are also 3 guest singers to hear. The Runaway Wild and Iyes Keen from USA and Shepardo from Germany who shape the sound with unique voice.

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