MÜTTERLEIN’s second album “Bring Down The Flags”!

MÜTTERLEIN was formed in 2014 as the solo project/persona of composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Marion Leclercq (ex-OVERMARS) in search of catharsis to override “the black sun of melancholia” induced by societal resentments and individual trials.

Whereas 2016 debut “Orphans Of The Black Sun” – released by DMP-offshoot Sundust Records, part-curated by Vindsval (BLUT AUS NORD) – channelled the organic textures of shadowy post-Punk and, as signified by the project name, the otherworldly vibe of NICO into a sort of haunted rock music, second full-length “Bring Down the Flags” ups the electronic texture, layering, anger and harrowing darkness to express a “peculiar and solitary grief”.

Vocally Marion veers dynamically between desperation, anguish, the surreal and the unsettling atop abstract smears of borderline-Black Metal, subterranean sound-design and electronics, ritualistic Doom, post-Punk savagery and brutally hypnotic Industrial rhythms.

Crowned in glory by the epic dungeon-EBM throb of “Requiem”, “Bring Down the Flags” revels in oppressive tension – a sinister, single-minded and essential outpouring from an artist “howling with outrage” to “save the mute girl whose lips have been sewn forever”.


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