MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET to release compilation album including the band’s 1990s releases

The compilation CD Ei sävyjä pimeässä – The complete 90s collection includes all of the MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET´s 90s rare and hard to get material in their original but remastered versions. Album will be released on October 29th 2021.

…KUNNES LOPPUU YÖ demo cassette (tracks 1-3) was recorded and mixed by Heikki Peltonen at Akaan MR-studio, Viiala, Finland 1996. VARJOMAA demo cassette (tracks 4-8) was recorded at Studio Audio-Artworks , Lahti, Finland 1997. MKL’s flagship of the 90’s, the first recording on the CD format, PROLOGI ep (tracks 9-12) was recorded in the same studio a year later with Ville Vartiainen. Two versions of the album were released; 1998 self-released version, and 1999 Italian Nocturnal Music´s version with the black cover and one extra bonus track for the European market. The solemnly named UUSI SUOMALAINEN BLACK METAL TULOKAS split-cd was recorded and mixed with the Danish Lars B. Janson at the end of the millennium 1999. The studio was still Audio-Artworks, Lahti.

And there´s more to come; the cherry on the top of the cake is the history of the band’s first decade, compiled by journalist Jasmin Vahtera (included in the CD booklet).

The original line-up of the band included Kari Kinnunen (bass, 1993-2003), Pete “Speedu” Tamminen (guitar & growl, 1993-2007), Mikko Hautala (drums, 1993-2017) and Pete Lehtinen (vocals, guitar & keyboards, 1993- ) who is still on the band and its only original member.


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