MORBID MESSIAH Sign To Godz Ov War Productions

Morbid MessiahMORBID MESSIAH, a true Death Metal sickheads from Mexico, are the latest band to sign with Poland’s Godz ov War Productions. A young but rotten band, formed 2015 to conjure a blend of morbid sounds and feelings in the style of L.A.’s own Sadistic Intent and the morbid recordings of AUTOPSY. Their cooperation with the label will entail the cassette and digital versions of their debut EP, In the Name of True Death Metal, with a provisional release scheduled for January 2017.

In the Name of True Death Metal track list:
1. Intro
2. I am Your Lord
3. Putrid Voices
4. Sacrificed for Worship
5. From Human to Fiend
6. Condemned to Hell Sores
7. Legions of Death

José Rivas – vocals
Roberto Trejo – guitars
Guillermo López – bass
Anubis Sandoval – drums

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