METSATÖLL: New song and video!

On October 2, 2021, a live broadcast of the Estonian teacher’s gala concert took place, where several brand-new Estonian music videos, directed by Ain Mäeots, were presented. The songs on which the videos were created were written and made especially for the gala concert and inspired by well-known literary works. Under the direction of Mäeots, the ensemble Metsatöll made a music video for the song “Mees, kes teadis ussisõnu” (“The Man Who Spoke Snakish”).

Õunapuu, the lyricist and songwriter describe the new song: “Metsatöll’s song“ Mees, kes teadis ussisõnu” (“The Man Who Spoke Snakish”) is based on Estonian author Andrus Kivirähk’s bestselling cult novel, “The Man Who Spoke Snakish”, a satirical view of the turning point and conflicts of the old and new eras in mythical Estonian antiquity. The secret and naive desire of Estonians to be a part of both the new and the old world and to turn back the old and beautiful page where the grass was much greener and friendly sweet honey-bears toddled around in the forest instead of giant wood-eating harvesters. The mythical “old world” is of course as crooked as the naive futuristic “new one”, far in the future. All that remains is to roar to the rest of the world with a convincing eye: “One day it will all begin over again!” But what begins, when it begins, must remain as confusing as the dim future of Estonianness.

Nevertheless, Metsatöll’s “The Man Who Spoke Snakish” is rather a humorous friendly shoulder-pat for all the world who have not yet become strangers to self-irony, be it a country or city man. People need fairy tales, and this song is one of them.” “The Man Who Spoke Snakish” was recorded and mixed by Tõnis Noevere and Metsatöll in August 2021. The mastering was made by the legendary Danish sound engineer and producer, Grammy nominee Jacob Hansen.

KuriRaivo – bass, vocals
Tõnis – drums, vocals
Markus – vocals, guitars
Lauri – vocals, torupill, flutes, kannel, instrument of angst, acoustic guitar

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