METSATÖLL and their new song!

Folk-metal mudwrestlers from Metsatöll published a new song on its 22nd birthday – a digital single “Hõim” (“Tribe”).

Although the virus is doing its devastating work, Metsatöll gathered in a studio in the wintry cold of Nordic February and published one of their yet unpublished songs – “Hõim”.

“Hõim” tells the story of Estonians through the archaic prism of Estonian philosophy – history is here and now. Together with all our long departed ancestors, we stand straight and clear against and with everything that will come, and we will not allow our future to be ordered by a loud minority or ruled by a blatant majority. We have our way, our field to plow and our song to sing.

“Hõim” was recorded and produced by Tõnis Noevere and Metsatöll, in 2021, Tallinn.

METSATÖLL for RumZine – interview:

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