METAL MINE FESTIVAL closed line-up for 2023 edition!

After a three-year break, Metal Mine Festival returns in a new version as an open air festival! During two days, 22 bands will perform! The festival will take place in Wałbrzych (Poland) on August 25-26, 2023.

Official Spotify playlist:


1-day ticket (150 PLN / 33 EUR)
2-days ticket (230 PLN / 50 EUR) available at Ticketmaster.

The organizers of the upcoming edition of Metal Mine will open up to new music genres. The event area is, of course, the unique and amazing space of the Old Mine in Wałbrzych. Who was there knows that the place is amazing. The Old Mine Science and Art Center in Wałbrzych is the largest post-industrial tourist attraction in Poland, located on the site of a former mine. The revitalization carried out in 2014 allowed for the creation of a unique facility. On the area of 4.5 hectares, there are many historic post-industrial buildings with authentic furnishings, e.g. secured and a machine park available to visitors. Between the mine machines, there will be a zone with food trucks and cold beer, stands with contractors’ merch, and a campsite. Participants will also have the opportunity to contact with musicians in a special Meet & Greet zone.

Full line up for Metal Mine Festival 2023 presents as follows:

  • ROTTING CHRIST (black metal, GR),
  • TAAKE (black metal, NO),
  • GAEREA (black metal, PT),
  • 1914 (blackened death/doom metal, UA),
  • KARG (post-black metal, AT),
  • HERETOIR (post-black metal, DE),
  • DOOMAS (melodic doom/death metal, SK),
  • DYSANGELIUM (death metal, CZ),
  • ARMADA (death metal, MEX),
  • AGRESSIVA69 (industrial rock, PL),
  • BESIDES (post-rock, PL),
  • JARUN (progressive black metal, PL),
  • MEDICO PESTE (black metal, PL),
  • DORMANT ORDEAL (death metal, PL),
  • DEADPOINT (groove metal, PL),
  • BAALZAGOTH (death metal, PL),
  • KALT VINDUR (atmospheric/progressive black metal, PL),
  • SOTHORIS (blackened death metal, PL),
  • LYRRE (neomedieval metal, PL),
  • PANDRADOR (death metal, PL),
  • AZELS MOUNTAIN (pagan black metal, PL),
  • ZGROZA (black metal, PL).


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