MESLAMTAEA: unorthodox black metal from Netherlands!

MESLAMTAEA is exploring the paths of unorthodox black metal since the nineties. After the debut “New era” was released on Eisenwald Records in 2005, the followup album ‘Niets en niemendal’ continues in the same tradition. Though the tracks are a lot more consistent, it is still very hard to put a label on Meslamtaea’s music. Elements from all kind of (sub)genres are blended into a genuinely atmospheric and melancholic style with a post-apocalyptic lyrical concept. Musicwise, think of a mixture of old ULVER with ALCEST and MOURNFUL CONGREGATION. A highly impressive piece with a unique way of songwriting, especially if you keep in mind all music was written, recorded and mixed by just one individual. With ‘Niets en niemendal’, a very personal, non-orthodox and introspective album is performed with full dedication. Meslamtaea is among the top of Dutch avantgarde-ish metal among MURW, PHLEBOTOMIZED and KROCHT. Comes in jewel case with 8 page booklet plus mini-poster with the fantastic original conceptual cover drawing my Maya Kurkhuli (BLACKDEATH, CULTUS).

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