Melodic Death Metal Project THE DESIGN ABSTRACT Joins Sliptrick Records

THE DESIGN ABSTRACT is a science fiction themed melodic death metal band from Ontario, Canada. The band’s signature sound includes film-score-style orchestral arrangements, technical yet melodic guitar work and a mix of vocal styles that range from soaring clean singing to guttural harsh screams. THE DESIGN ABSTRACT release concept albums that build on a single world and utilize the additional sonic qualities of orchestral and synth elements to further flesh out the ongoing narrative.

The core members behind this project are VOIICIDE (Vocals, Bass, Scoring, Synth) and Logan Mayhem (Guitar, Additional Synth), although due to the unique workflow implemented, this isn’t hard-and-fast.

The Design Abstract is focused on making albums into a powerful and expansive narrative experience, feeling as much like movies as albums. While the futurism present in the music is important, The projects sound isn’t overly modern and utilizes a lot of traditional production and metal elements. The result is something more akin to the 2000’s approach to a style more typically associated with cutting-edge modern metal.

The Design Abstract are:
Voiicide – Vocals/Bass/Scoring/Synth | Logan Mayhem – Guitar/Additional Synth

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