LOITS tribute album release date and artwork confirmed!

Tribute to LoitsLOITS tribute album “Trench Art – A Tribute to Loits” is going to be released on October 1 2016 by the Mexican metal label Azermedoth Records. As of today, 16 bänds have confirmed their participation and submitted the tracks: A.K.G. (EST), DECEITOME (EST), FORGOTTEN SUNRISE (EST), GENKA ja PAUL OJA (EST), GORESOERD (EST), KARELIAN WARCRY (FIN), MORTALISM (EST), REVOLVER (EST), SORTS (EST), SÕJARUUN (EST), TANKIST (EST), THOU SHELL OF DEATH (EST), ULGURÄND (EST), URSKUMUG (LAT), Val Tvoar feat. Väike PRints (EST), ZEBULON KOSTED (USA).


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