LOATHFINDER – “The Great Tired Ones” Album Details Revealed!

The Great Tired OnesGodz Ov War Productions is proud to present the blackened doom catacombs of LOATHFINDER’s debut EP, ‘The Great Tired Ones’. Mix and mastering by Haldor Grunberg & Satanic Audio (Azarath, Thaw, Blaze Of Perdition). Cover art by Robert A. von Ritter (OUTRE, DIABOLIZER, WITCHMASTER), with the design and colours originated by Maciej Kamuda (NEKROFILTH, KINGDOM, ECTOVOID).

‘The Great Tired Ones’ will be released exclusively on CD in April 2017.

I. Genetic Gloom
II. Feast on my Entrails
III. Scents of Regression
IV. The Great Tired Ones

Listen to “Genetic Gloom” here:


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