Listen to ÚZKOST’s new single “Mt’hr”

“Úzkost” means “anxiety” or “urgent fear” in Czech. The name was chosen in honor of Josh’s grandfather who has Czech heritage.

Pittsburgh blackened and doomed death metal band Úzkost have announced the release of their new single “Mt’hr” on September 30th, 2022. “Mt’hr” is the first in a series of singles that the band will be releasing over the coming year. The forthcoming singles showcase a continuation of a new musical journey that the band started with the release of “Blood Debt” and changing their name from Slaves BC back in 2010.

Úzkost is a genre-blending nightmare from Pittsburgh, Pa that formed in 2010 under the name Slaves BC. With a slew of releases under their belt, the band spent the decade spiraling further into darkness with every new offering.

In 2022, the band has evolved its sound from what was once chaotic hardcore into a horrific and disorienting conglomeration of black metal, death metal, doom metal, and harsh noise. After a decade of shows, line-up changes, and musical exploration, Úzkost is poised to release their darkest material yet.

“LAIAB may very well be a divisive release when all is said and done, and it may not be easy listen even at the best of times, but it’s undoubtedly a brutally rewarding, not to mention disturbingly compelling, album all the same, and one of my favorite discoveries of the year.”
— No Clean Singing

“It’s a difficult album to listen to, but it’s also the very rare sort of album that is going to change the listener on some level, so long as that listener approaches it with an open heart. And yes, I do realize what a strange thing that is to say about a black metal album, but Slaves BC (now Úzkost) are definitely not your typical black metal band.”
— Indy Metal Vault

Josh Thieler – Vocals, artwork
Sean Singer – Guitar
Adam Haller – Bass
Josh Shawhan – Drums

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