Lands of Kafka, Golem or Elisabeth Bathory present their DARK/GOTH MUSIC MANIFESTO for the very first time! ME

Dark Tunes from Czech and Slovak CavesAnthology “Dark Tunes from Czech and Slovak Caves” introduces the selection of the most interesting current projects from the dark heart of Europe. Download 25 tracks from Czech and Slovak artists for free.

Never heard of the Czech or Slovak gothic subculture? And you thought that lands of Kafka, Golem or Elisabeth Bathory, places with hundreds years of occult tradition could be ignorant to the dark beauty of the Goth scene? Of course not! And now the time has come to come out! (goth webzine/promoter that has been taking care of the local dark scene for 13 years) decided to compile the very first anthology of the Czech and Slovak goth-related acts. On “Dark Tunes from Czech and Slovak Caves” you will find 25 tracks that describe the current scene, stylistically ranging from “oldschool goth”, post punk, deathrock and darkwave through synthpop, cold wave and dark/harsh electro to dark ambient, neofolk and even witch house.

Except for names that already resonate throughout the goth scene worldwide like THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS, LAHKÁ MÚZA, TÁBOR RADOSTI or PHRAGMENTS, there is a bunch of promising newcomers who left their lairs for the very first time and shared their previously unreleased material with the world.The compilation can be downloaded (with a PDF booklet supplemented with short description of each act) for free either from or Bandcamp (

Explore unheard-of musical territories and find yourself new favourite dark artists
from the very heart of Europe!

Release date: 12. 12. 17
Genre: post punk, goth, death rock, dark wave, synthpop, cold wave, dark/harsh electro, dark ambient, neofolk, with house.

1. DarkRoomDuke – INSTAble*
2. Výsměch? – We can ́t Escape*
3. Das Funus – Six Feet Under
4. Fara – Depress**
5. Phosgene Girls – Bad Time Shema*
6. The Last Days of Jesus – 1-2-3 War
7. Bratrstvo Luny feat. Petr Štěpán (XIII. století) – Třináctý úplněk*
8. Tongue – Fading*
9. Gloom – Lillyan
10.Noví Lidé – Izolace
11.580 Miles – Minefield
12.Vokoj feat. Espe – Kosmoza*
13.Lahká Muza – Naplnenie
14.Isiolia – Vengeance
15.mulpHia – Čas*
16.Projekt203 – Sirény
17.Dren – My Log Saw Something*
18.Plague Called Humanity – Doomed Generation
19.The Opposer Divine – Requiem for the AI*
20.Tábor radosti – Světlonoš
21.BloodPact – Savage Place*
22.Whorewolf – Biological Unit*
23.Terminal State – Home*
24.Phragments – All Towers Must Fall
25.Vespertine Soul – Days of the Silence*
* previously unreleased track
** live track

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