KYPCK releases their final album “Prestupleniya protiv chelovechestva (Crimes Against Humanity),” blending their signature heaviness with modern elements. Marking an end to the band’s Russian-singing era, the album serves as a critical commentary on current geopolitics

Marking a poignant moment in their journey, the Russian-singing Finnish doom metal outfit KYPCK unveils their fifth and final album, “Prestupleniya protiv chelovechestva (Crimes Against Humanity)”, released for release on August 18, 2023, via RANKA KUSTANNUS. Commanded by a formidable lineup featuring Erkki Seppänen on vocals, Sami Lopakka and Sami Kukkohovi on guitars, Jaakko Ylä-Rautio on bass, and Antti Karihtala on drums and percussion, the album traverses familiar territories while pushing boundaries.

According to guitarist Sami Lopakka, the album maintains KYPCK’s distinctive heaviness and rusty soundscape but introduces more modern and rhythmically experimental elements. While the tempos are comparatively upbeat for a KYPCK release, the album doesn’t shy away from delivering heavy and melancholy pieces. The tracklist features evocative titles such as “Krasnye pyatna (Red Stains)” and “Na poslednem prichale (On The Last Pier)”, promising a journey that is as profound as it is intense.

The album cover and the music video for “Krasnye Pyatna (Red Stains)” notably incorporate imagery captured in Ukraine during the 2022–2023 conflict, providing a harrowing backdrop to the music. Vocalist and lyricist Erkki Seppänen adds that the lyrics serve as a critique of totalitarian propaganda, as seen from the Kremlin.

Formed in 2007, KYPCK will engage in live performances this autumn and in 2024. However, these shows will mark the end of KYPCK as the band will undergo a name change and shift to English lyrics, prompted by Russia’s recent actions and isolation from the Western world. The band pledges to continue their musical journey under a new banner, thus closing the chapter on KYPCK’s remarkable odyssey that spanned five albums.

This release is not only a sonic experience but also a statement—be it political, emotional, or musical. With an extremely limited CD format, “Prestupleniya protiv chelovechestva (Crimes Against Humanity)” stands as KYPCK’s swan song, encapsulating their unique blend of heaviness, atmosphere, and commentary.

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