KevelKEVEL is a sludge / post / progressive metal band located in Athens, Greece. Their music cannot be easily categorized in a single sub-genre, as the four-piece create an unconventional yet coherent sonic boulder, extending away from specific “scene” rules and barriers.

They were formed in October 2012 as a three-piece and spent more than one year in their rehearsal space, crafting their dark, dynamic style. After various attempts to introduce vocals in their songs, they decided to focus on instrumental compositions. In January 2014, an additional guitarist joined the team and the band finally established its sound.

By mid 2014, they started their first live gigs, while preparing for the recording of their debut album. On 5/12/2014 their self-financed album “Hz of the Unheard” was officially released in both digital and physical form (8-panel Digipak, limited to 200 pcs). Currently, Kevel are looking to promote their music through live gigs, while working also on new material for their follow-up release.

Line Up
Kostas Katsaros – Guitar
Antonis Koumoundouros – Bass
Thanasis Politis – Drums
Markos Samaras – Guitar

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