Just now: HEILNOZ – Porta da vida, Porta da morte (A5 Digifile MCD / Combo)

showAttachmentAnd it’s not an usual release, the two astounding new tracks that provide title to the EP are followed by the four ones from their first and only demo released back on 2010 (and actually totally sold-out) as bonus, packaged everything on an outstanding A5 sized digifile edition with a wonderful artwork done by el dios perezoso and limited to only 66 hand-numbered copies, many of them sold on preorder…

As usual, HEILNOZ cunts one more time on the collaboration of the great Aboriorth on drums and the more and more brutal Lord Abhorym on voices, with two tracks sung in a stunning and mystic Galician language that probably are the best they have recorded to date and that will delight for sure to everybody who enjoy with the rawest, visceral and intimate, at the same time, side of pagan black metal…

HEILNOZ – Porta da vida, Porta da morte [A5 Digifile MCD] 6.95 EUR
Outstanding EP of the Spanish horde Heilnoz comprises two absolutely amazing new tracks plus the four ones from their “Demo 2010” for the first time on CD as bonus, everything packed on a deluxe A5 sized digifile limited to only 66 hand-numbered copies…

HEILNOZ – Porta da vida, Porta da morte/ Omen of the Last Autumn [CD + CD] 12.95 EUR
Special pack dedicated to Heilnoz collecting their whole discography to date, the split CD with Briargh “Omen of the Last Autumn” and the amazing brand new EP “Porta da vida, Porta da morte” on limited edition..

Pagan Black Metal Distro / Label
P.O. Box 17001
29080 Málaga – Spain

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