Instrumental Prog-Death Virtuosos DARK MATTER SECRET Premiere “Emergence Of Time” Through Heavy Blog Is Heavy (FFO: OBSCURA, BLOTTED SCIENCE)

DARK MATTER SECRETInstrumental progressive death metal virtuosos Dark Matter Secret have partnered with Heavy Blog Is Heavy today to launch a new single called “Emergence of Time”. It’s the second song to air thus far from the group’s upcoming debut album, Perfect World Creation. Set for release on June 2nd through The Artisan Era. Fans of complex and progressive metal music will find themselves spellbound at the captivating music found on “Emergence of Time”.

Heavy Blog Is Heavy had this to say about today’s premiere of the song: “Combining genre-staple influences like OBSCURA and NECROPHAGIST, and adding their own twist of progression and their instrumental direction, Dark Matter Secret provide the full package. Prominent bass, jazzy soloing, blast beats, you name it, they’ve got it.”

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