INSISTENT: Great surprise for all the fast-tempo lovers. Expect dense and intelligent grindcore!

INSISTENT will be a great surprise for all the fast-tempo lovers. Expect dense and intelligent grindcore with crushing sound! For fans of Nails, Magrudergrind, Rotten Sound or Napalm Death; merciless grind that can bear the toughest scrutiny.

The band was formed in Prague by the end of 2017 on the ashes another grinding machine Destructive Explosion of Anal Garland. Experienced grinders (from Diphteria, Ahumado Granujo or DEOG) got together with musicians from the „contemporary core“ scene (Suffocate With Your Fame, Soul Decoder, Diligence), which allows flow of ideas stemming also from other directions and that those that grindcore – still the main genre here – usually consists of at its core. So besides the classic and sharp rapid-fire grinding sequences, INSISTENT has also absorbed deathmetal riffs, which are pouring seamlessly into striking hardcore breakdowns, washed-up by slimey sludgy darkness. All that is packaged in shattering and strikingly crusty sound, coming from the proven Davos studio. And since the everyday reality is dark, the lyrics take on metaphorical forms to describes the gloomy social maladies – consumerism, hate or environmental destruction.
In a short period of two years, INSISTENT has already performed a lot of energy-packed gigs alongside the likes of Misery Index, Full of Hell, Whoresnation, P.L.F., Birdflesh, Entrails Massacre and performed at Fekal Party or Obscene Extreme.

INSISTENT plays energetic, uncompromising and strongly opinionated music that not only grabs you by the proverbial balls, but that will also make you think. They pursue their goals and they are INSISTENT!

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