HUKUTUS: ”Koitus”, completing the trilogy of singles!

HUKUTUS, born and bred in Tampere and existing since 2011. The nebulous tricksters and mutagen injectors of organic metal music.

Our previous singles “Nadiirit” and “Metsä ja yö” were both featured on Spotify’s Metal From Finland-chart, also creating international interest. Our third single “Koitus” brings the sound of Hukutus full circle…

This single is also the final harbinger of our debut album. After a long search we have decided to release album out with My Fate Music. The album will be called “Oksitosiini” (“Oxytocin” in Finnish) and it is finally arriving on 4/27/2018. Pre-ordering will commence through Recordshop X on 3/30/2018.

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